About Subash

Senior specialist physiotherapist

Subash J. Geeganage is originally from Sri Lanka and he is qualified as a Physiotherapist with a license from the BFW Universitätsstadt Mainz Germany. He is passionate about human movement and biomechanics in both ergonomic, work, and sport settings.

Subash has worked in variety of settings, from hospitals and rehabilitation clinics, to private practice and famous football clubs.  He believes that a complete rehabilitation program as well as prevention is key for long lasting health.

Subash specialises in yoga therapy for sports injuries and illness recovery. He also teaches mindfulness practice and yoga teacher training courses. 

Subash is an instructor and therapist for Yoga and Thai Yoga Massage, Breathing therapy, KGG, Ayurveda health consultant, Kinsio Tape, Sports Physiotherapy, CMD (Craniomandibular dysfunction) therapy, Gua Sha therapy, Dorn and Breuss spinal column therapy, and Atlas therapy.

Subash is also a practicing fitness and personal trainer.

Specialising in:

  • Spinal injuries and core stability programs
  • Exercise rehabilitation
  • Pre/post surgical rehabilitation
  • Improving stability, muscle development, and performance
  • Posture related back and neck pain, and headaches
  • Musculoskeletal disorders
  • Sport injuries
  • Pain management